Angele Phase
2005 – 2010
Sound Design

Angele Phase

Synth-Pop-Rock band project. Angele Phase recorded between 2004 and 2008 a series of songs and an album called “Magnetophonband”, released in April 2009. Recorded and co-produced with Music Producer Toño Castillo.

A rmx Angele Phase did of “The Camp” from French band Trisomie 21 picked up the attention of Indie label Le Son du Maquis and signed a world distribution deal for Angele Phase’s album Magnetophonband. They finalised their tour with a special show warming up for Depeche Mode – Tour of the Universe in Bogotá.

A year later, 5 songs from the Magnetophonband album were synced to an MTV series in Latin America called “Niñas Mal” in 2010: The Butterfly (in 3 versions), Organ Chase and Kiss Me. Produced by Sony Pictures.

Video Project

Angele Phase